Treatment and cutting down trees

Kácení stromů Treework

Educational style

- a slice of a young tree in order to zapěstování his Crown. The aim is the establishment of the shape characteristic of the Crown for the species or cultivar and the adaptation of the functional requirements of the Habitat (e.g.. by podchodné, podjezdné height, reduction of the Crown toward the buildings, public lighting or other obstacles.)

Security section

-removal of dry branches with an average of over (3) 5cm incl.. (the stabilisation) relieve the branches with distinct statickz major defects, which directly endanger the operational safety of the. Removing the branches hung or broken. Does not address the complex staické relationships of the entire tree (option vývratu, breaking strain or large skeletal branches.

  Health cut

- the cut, který́ addresses the State of health of the tree. Removing branches, in particular, dry, vitálně weak, inappropriate in view of the architecture of the Crown, shear, infected or infested by pests, the risk in terms of operational safety. All of this while maintaining the characteristic habitu the taxon. The health section primarily addresses the objectives of the Security section.

Stabilizing cuts

-a slice of a shrinking the volume of the Crown, or zakracující branch. Intervention must be conducted sensitively, while maintaining the species characteristic of the individual and the maximum habitu adaptation of the size and shape of the Crown of the functional requirements of the. In this type of cut is also a reduction in the direction of the obstacle, reducing slice circuit to reduce the težiště of the Crown and the stabilisation of the tree.


Nature close to the treatment of trees

– the special intervention into the crowns of old (senescentních) trees, focused on stabilization and conservation of valuable habitats for other living organisms e.g.. insects, birds, beetles, lichens, etc.

Installation of safety links

-links installed in the trees against the fallout of the tribes, branches or parts-links – dynamic Cobra systems, Gleinstein, Arco. links static -drilled, podkladnicové systems.


Felling trees, the planting of trees and other care for the trees

Felling trees

We risk cutting down hazardous trees in heavy conditions. With the help of special equipment and techniques stromolezeckého stromolezeckých tree is dismantled and literally running down on the ground. In cases such as. access to the tree we use cranes or lift platform.

Planting trees

- prostokořených
- with balem
- kontajnerované
- important follow-up care as dressing, control anchoring, etc.

Wood chipping and milling of tree stumps

- After agreement we offer also chopping wood and milling logs

Trimming hedges and walls

- We also offer trimming the hedges and walls