They wrote about us

On April 26, 2013 We attended the project Healthy trees for tomorrow. We treated the lime srdčitou in the Home of the elderly in Nové Strašecí. Read the article see. link


Workshop felling Mark Bridge

Day 15.9. 2011 in the annual of participate training seminars “boot logging and felling trees systems”. Again will accompany the Mark Bridge/CH/, two-time champion of Europe in stromolezení/ETCC/.


MČR in stromolezení

Day 21.8.2011 will be held already 11. year of the Championship of the Czech Republic in the stromolezení in Jihlava. Competing in five disciplines-work in the Crown of the tree, fly casting, jištěný rope climbing, rescue the injured stromolezce and speed output to the Crown after the branches. The start of the race is in 8.30 HR in Jihlava in Creamy orchards. For more information click here to check the


What is arboristika?

Arboristika or complex care for trees is a dynamically developing branch of horticulture, in particular, which deals with trees growing outside the forest. Therefore, the trees in our offices and the landscape of our nearest surroundings. Arborista – stromolezec is an expert, treating the trees in a public green with the intention to keep them healthy and in a State of operational safety. Proposes a solution treatment [...]