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Kácení stromů Treework

Who is Treework?

Treework are profesionalové in the field of arboristiky – complete care for the trees, which is the felling of trees, care of trees, cut trees, care of the Greens and other services, which you will find on our pages. The company was founded certified arboristou Ondřej Jančárek, that he studied at the higher technical school in Mělníce – Garden and landscape creation. In the field, we are already several years.

Why choose us?

We operate throughout the Czech Republic. We have experience from the us for one of the largest arboristických companies Bartlett Tree Experts. We are holders of certificate of ETW and educate, in the field of. The felling of trees in the US and the trees they love us. Zúčastňujeme, stromolezeckých competitions, We are regularly trained and we use those State of the art technology and equipment stromolezecké. We can advise you, zkonzultujeme with you all the options before the intervention with regard to the intervention of the most economical for the tree, and Your satisfaction.

What you want from us?

Zrealizujeme a complete solution to the key in the field of arboristiky. We provide services in the field of care for the trees, risky felling and planting trees. We offer milling logs and chopping wood. For more, see the our services.

Price List

We're not the e-shop and our lowest prices. Our services are diverse, as well as the trees, about which they care about. Each tree is for us the individuality, that needs a specific intervention. We do not control tables, but by, what the tree exactly needs.

If you want to know, What we can offer you a completely, You can find everything on the page with our services. In the case of, that you are interested in news from the world arboristiky and everything, What to do with our work, You can read our articles. If you want to see, What we made for photos during our work, all we have in the image gallery. And if you're persuaded, your tree will get into the right hands, nothing is easier, than us contact.

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On April 26, 2013 We attended the project Healthy trees for tomorrow. We treated the lime srdčitou in the Home of the elderly in Nové Strašecí. Read the article see. link

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